Corporate Social Responsibility

Digital Rivin LLP follows

 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles, focusing on helping people, running the business in a way that is good for society and the environment, and keeping a responsible relationship with our partners and the community.

As a socially responsible firm, we support and respect fundamental human rights, which we incorporate into our policies and daily practices. We continually work to improve, striving to be more responsible towards nature and the people who live in it.

At Digital Rivin, we are committed to following all laws and guidelines that help protect our environment.

KMEA college of Arts and Science, Kuzhivelipady, Ernakulam organised community outreach program (Donation of cloths) sponsored by Aster Medcity and Digital Rivin to 70+ Kakathurath island people (Ezhupunna Grama Panchayat) on 13.3.2024.

Sri.R.Pradeep (President Ezhupunna Grama Panchayat), Mr.Sachin (Panchayat Member ), Mr.Latheef Kasim (Assistant General Manager,Aster DM Foundation), Mrs.Treesa Pathikulangara (Director Digital Rivin) have participated in the program.

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